Remarks on unofficial sources

Dear students,

  • Please keep in mind that this is the only official platform for the MATH-119 course, and the coordination only uses the ODTUClass system for e-mailing the whole registered students in case of necessities (notifications, reminders, announcements, etc…). Please ignore all other e-mails from unofficial sources that may involve spams and fake information related to the MATH-119 course.
  • All materials (including the archive of past examination) offered by the course coordination in this course are on-line and free.  You are NOT required to buy any sort of booklet or to sign in unknown (and possibly fake) websites claiming to provide students with online exercises, demo booklet or provide discount advantages for paid materials.
  • Similarly, as we do not offer any sort of online access code (which may provide on-line quizzes, Homeworks or exercises via our recommended text book’s official webpage) or not have any official statement with any publisher, students enrolled in this course are not required to buy any textbook. A number of copies of the recommended textbooks are all available in the library.
  • Please ignore all other e-mails from unofficial and unknown sources claiming that certain materials with price are the parts of the MATH-119 course, such as a booklet of past exams, recommendations of alternative webpages, ads of some other organizations offering so-called a printed version of MATH-119 Booklet with suitable fees.
  • Keep in mind that MATH-119 coordination does not have any connection or statement with these sorts of offerings or organizations, and hence  MATH-119 coordination is not responsible for any inconvenient situations arising from the usage of unofficial materials.  As they may also have errors or may be fake and unrelated to official materials offered by the coordination, we do not recommend to use them in the first place. So, take your own risk while using/accessing/buying each material offered from unofficial platforms.

With best wishes,

MATH-119  Coordination

MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

METU 2360119