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Some Announcements

Section transfer has been done. You can check your subsection via SIS. But students with id numbers 2413128 and 2409688, you need to contact with the coordination as soon as possible. And instructors of the Sections 43 and 45 have been changed.   Melis

2018-2 Math 119 – Section Transfer

Dear students, If you have a necessity of changing your sections or sub-sections, you need to send an e-mail to wwwma119@metu.edu.tr up to March 08, 2019 Friday. Your e-mail subject must be “Math119-Section Transfer”, state the number of your section and the number of the section that you want to enroll with the brief explanation […]

Student Information System

Student Information System SIS119 is avaliable. Please check your sub-sections.

Recitation room of Section 11 has been changed!

Recitation room of Section 11 is changed from K.AUD to M13 (Math Building).

Welcome to new semester (2018-2)!

This is the official website of the course Math 119 – Calculus with Analytic Geometry. All students enrolled to this course are supposed to follow this website regularly, since they are responsible for catching up announcements listed here.

MATH-119 Past Exams (2010-2017)

MATH-119 Past Exams are available online. You can download the past Math 119 Exams (2010-2017) from the link below: MATH-119 Past Exams