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New classroom for section 54: U1

Recitation classroom for section 54 has been changed from U2 to U1.

New classroom for section 132

The recitation classroom for section 132 is changed from BMB3 to P5.

Important announcement on e-mails from unofficial sources

Dear students, Please keep in mind that this is the only official platform for the MATH-119 course, and the coordination only uses the ODTUClass system for e-mailing the whole registered students in case of necessities (notifications, reminders, announcements, etc…). Please ignore all other e-mails from unofficial sources that may involve spams and fake information related to the […]

Section Transfer has been done!

To balance the number of students enrolled in each subsection,  some re-arrangements with no intervention to schedules have been done by the course coordination.  For more information about the activity, see Section Change Policy (SCP) and FAQs. Section transfer week consists of the following updates which are in effect from the week Oct. 07-13, 2019: Some sections are closed: 92 and 53. […]

New classroom for recitation section 94

Classroom for recitation section 94 has been changed from IE-103 to  P3.

New classroom for section 84

The classroom for the (recitation) section 84 (Friday 15:40-17:30) is changed from M-102 to P4.

Some classrooms for recitation have been changed!!

Here is the list of sections with newly-assigned classrooms.  Section 151 08:40-10:30:  MEG102  Section 152 08:40-10:30: MEG103  Section 62 10:40-12:30r: MEG103  Section 153 08:30-10:30: MEG201  Section 81 10:40-12:30:  MEG201  Section 173 08:40-10:30: MEG202  Section 131 10:40-12:30: MEG202

New lecture rooms for section-9

Lecture rooms have been changed due to insufficiency of the capacity for the current classes. New classrooms are scheduled as follows: Tuesday 13:40 – 15:30 in YP-A3 Thursday 08:40 – 10:30 in YP-A1

Welcome to new semester (2019-1)!

This is the official website of the course Math 119 – Calculus with Analytic Geometry. All students enrolled in this course are supposed to follow this website regularly as they are responsible for catching up announcements listed here.

MATH-119 Past Exams (2010-2017)

MATH-119 Past Exams are available online. You can download the past Math 119 Exams (2010-2017) from the link below: MATH-119 Past Exams

MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

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