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Letter grades entered to the system

Dear all, Your letter grades have all been submitted. You should be able to see it on your transcript. Have a nice summer, Stay safe, Best regards.

About the grades

Dear students, Now that the make-up is over, all your scores (including the make-up scores) are entered to the system. (If you have taken the make-up, note that the make-up scores are scaled so that they are out of 100 in the system.) You can see your total grade on SIS-119 by following the link: […]

More information about the make-up

Dear students who will take the make-up tomorrow, Let me clear couple points regarding the make-up that has not been explained in the earlier announcement. * YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GO BACK IN QUESTIONS, just like your Midterm and Final, the navigation method for the make-up exam is “sequential”. * There are 16 QUESTIONS […]

Make-up announcement

Dear students, The make-up exam will take place tomorrow on JULY 14, 2020 AT 16:00. It will be held on the ODTU Class Quiz application, JUST LIKE YOUR MIDTERM AND FINAL. Unlike your Midterm and Final, there will be 16 QUESTIONS, each worth 5 points and you will have 65 MINUTES to complete it. (So […]

Important: Your total grades and the make-up status

Dear all, Please check your Midterm and Final scores from our system SIS-119 by entering your 7-DIGIT STUDENT ID in the following link: http://file.ma119.math.metu.edu.tr/Dosyalar/sis.php [1] The system should show your ID, Last name, First name, Department, Midterm score, Final score and Make-up status in this order. IF YOU HAVE APPLIED FOR A MAKE-UP AND YOUR APPLICATION […]

About the make-up exam


Important announcement about the Final Exam

Dear students, As you know, your Final exam will take place on JULY 13, 2020 AT 13:30 on ODTU Class. As it was the case with your Midterm, you will log onto the system (with your regular browser) and click the link that you see at the top of the course page for Final which will […]

ÇOK ÖNEMLİ: Atılan e-postaların okunmaması hakkında / VERY IMPORTANT: About announcement e-mails not being read

[TURKISH] Sevgili öğrenciler, Geçtiğimiz Midterm’de yaşananlar doğrultusunda, dersi alan öğrencilerin bir kısmının atılan e-postaları okumadığına (ya da okuduysa kaale almadığına) kanaat getirdim. Buna kanaat getirme sebeplerin bazıları * En az 3 duyuruda sorularda geri gitme olmadığını söylediğimiz halde, sınav esnasında “soruda geri gidemiyorum” diye yardım e-postası atan bazı öğrenciler, * Make-up alabilmek için sınavı “submit” […]

Some more information about tomorrow’s midterm

Dear students, As you know, tomorrow, on June 30, 2020 at 13:30, we will have our Midterm. You have been already getting e-mails regarding its structure and content. Now we are announcing the exam duration: * You will have 75 MINUTES IN TOTAL to COMPLETE AND SUBMIT your exam. Midterm will be opened exactly at 13:30 […]

About the question orders and topics in Midterm

Dear students, Please read this announcement very carefully and in full detail. As you may have experienced in the Mock Exam, you will NOT be able to go back in question during Midterm. Clearly not every student knows every topic in the same depth. Consequently, you could have started from any question you wanted if […]

IMPORTANT – Read carefully

Dear students, Due to a huge number of students having technical problems with the Safe Exam Browser, we decided NOT to use the Safe Exam browser for Midterm. You will be able to login and take your Midterm from your regular browser. Thank you for your participation in the mock exam. We have tested whether […]

How to take MATH 119 Mock Exam

Dear students, At 16.30, a file name “MATH 119 Mock exam” will be visible to you on ODTU Class on the main page of the course at top. This is a .seb file that you have to download. It is prepared by our ODTU Class staff so that when it is executed it will open […]

About the structure of the online midterm

Dear students, This announcement contains all the necessary information that you need to know about your online midterm which will be held on JUNE 30, 2020 AT 13:30. Please read this announcement very carefully in full detail. Before we start explaining the details of your exam, let us take a moment to briefly talk about […]

About the online exam dates, contents and methods

Dear students, Please read this announcement very carefully. WHY WAS THERE A DELAY? Firstly, we should state that we are aware of the stress and worries caused by our department’s not announcing details regarding the evaluation of the service courses for a long time. If you wish to learn why this was the case, you […]

Online Lectures for MATH 119

You can find lecture materials for MATH 119 here.

About how we shall proceed: Online lectures, recitations etc.

Dear students, As you know, the Higher Education Council, and consequently, the university administration, decided that instructors must continue their classes via online/remote teaching methods. Below you shall find some details regarding this for MATH119. Since we cannot expect every student to have a stable internet connection at home and be always available at a […]

Section Transfer Week

To balance the number of students enrolled in each subsection, we will make some arrangements with no intervention to schedules next week.  That is, a student’s recitation section, if necessary, might be changed to some other one, which will be in the same session with the old one, by the course coordination. Section change policy, in general, is as […]


Helproom will be available from Monday (17.02.2020). You can find the helproom schedule here.

About Helproom

Helproom is under construction to provide better services. So, it will be closed for a while. We will make an announcement when it is ready to kick-off or an alternative place is set.

Where to register?

o register the course, please read firstly What is a section/subsection? then read What is a regular/irregular section? You are supposed to register “Subsection”, not the “Section”.

What is a regular/irregular section?

If you are taking the course Math 119 for the first time, you can not change your section. There is only one section (determined by your department and your surname) you can register. These sections are called regular. Moreover, students in this category are said to be regular students. If you are repeating (independent of your grade) the course Math 119/120 or you are at least 2nd-year […]

What is a section/subsection?

This course includes 6 (=4+2) hours per week. First 2+2=4 hours are for lectures and the last two hours are for recitation. The two hours shown in your account in Student Affairs Information System (oibs2.metu.edu.tr) are for recitation. For lectures, you are supposed to attend to your main section. Some examples are as follows: If you are in section 53 (=53), then For lectures: You must […]

Check “Course Info”

This is the official website of the course Math 119 – Calculus with Analytic Geometry. If you are enrolled to this course, then you are supposed to visit this page regularly and follow the announcements. For further questions, use the “Contact” tab. General advice Grading and Make-up What is a section/subsection? What is a regular/irregular section? Syllabus Help-Room Service […]

Welcome to new semester (2019-2)!

This is the official website of the course Math 119 – Calculus with Analytic Geometry. All students enrolled in this course are supposed to follow this website regularly as they are responsible for catching up announcements listed here.

MATH-119 Past Exams (2010-2017)

MATH-119 Past Exams are available online. You can download the past Math 119 Exams (2010-2017) from the link below: MATH-119 Past Exams

MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

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