Section Transfer Policy

To balance the number of students enrolled in each subsection, we make some arrangements with no intervention to schedules. That is, a student’s recitation section, if necessary, might be changed to some other one in the same session as the old one by the course coordination.

Section transfer policy, in general, is as follows:

  • Section transfer, if necessary, is made by course coordination after add-drop week.
  • Recitation hours remain the same, but recitation room and assistant could be changed.
  • In some cases, the main section for lecture hours may also be changed:
    For instance, a student in section 34 may be transferred to section 171 without altering the recitation session. Each student in this condition has the mutually exclusive option of attending to their former section or newly assigned section for the lectures (not recitations) only if their choice is in advance and not subject to any change. For more detail please check here.
  • Every student enrolled to course should check their section using SIS 119 in order to avoid the possible future confusion due to section transfer/change activity.
  • In the case of closing some sections, students in these sections are transferred to suitable sections in accordance with this policy as well.
  • Make sure that you are attending to the right subsection! (Otherwise, your recitation activities, like quizzes and attendance, would not be graded.)

MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

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