NA Criteria

Who gets NA grade?

Before the final exam, students will be categorized in the following way:

1) M1 + M2  >= 20

2) M1 + M2 < 20,

for which M1 is the Midterm 1 score out of 100, and M2 is the Midterm 2 score out of 100.

  • Students in group will be able to take the final exam.
  • Students in group 2 will NOT be able to take the final exam. They will get an automatic NA grade.


a) Student A attends to Midterm 1 and his score is 20. He/she does not take Midterm 2 being on leave for academic/medical reasons. Since M1+M2 = 20 >= 20, He/she is eligible for the final exam. If he/she submits relevant documents, it is also possible to take make-up exam which is given after the final. No problem at all.

b) Student B does not attend to Midterm 1 because of his/her illness. He/she attends to Midterm 2 and get 18 points. Since M1+M2 = 18 < 20, he/she won’t be able to take final exam and get NA grade. It should be in mind that in this example, taking make-up for Midterm is not possible even if he/she has an appropriate official document. (academic/medical report etc.)


After the final exam,  Students in group 1 can also be categorized if they fail to take the final exam as follows:

(i) students who do not take the final exam and not take a general makeup.

(ii) students not taking the final but take the general makeup examination replacing their final exam grade.

The students in category (i) are assigned to NA grade as well, but for the ones in category (ii) no problem at all.




MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

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