Make-up exam for those students having difficulties

26 November 2020

There will be only one general make-up exam, which will contain all topics, possibly after the final exam. The exact date and time will be revealed later

The structure of the make-up exam MAY OR MAY NOT be like the midterm and the final. For example, we may decide to hold the make-up exam as oral exams conducted via webcams. We may also decide not to do this and have a make-up exam that is held in the same way your midterm is held. For this reason, take the make-up exam only if you really need it.  

Who can take the make-up exam

On the exam date and time, if you have any technical difficulties (such as, electricity or internet problems) or personal issues (such as, sickness, not having an appropriate exam environment at home) that prevent you from taking or submitting the exam in any session, then you are eligible to take a make-up examination. There is no need to provide official excuses; your word is fine. If you prefer to take a make-up exam, then your make-up grade will be weighted and assigned as a grade of the specific session(s) where you have difficulties.

For example:  Assume that you completed the session-1, and during session-2, the electricity goes out and you log in back when it came back, but you see that session-2 has already been closed, and so you basically fail to complete it.  (or maybe you couldn’t manage to start session-2 in the first place due to electricity problem). After the 10 minutes break, assume that you manage to join session-3, and for the rest of the exam, everything goes smoothly as planned. At the end of the day, you manage to complete all sessions except for session-2 (Here, note that if you have already submitted some of the answers before the connection problem had occurred, only those answers are to be graded.). In this situation,  you are eligible to take a make-up examination, and if you prefer to do so, then your make-up grade will be weighted (according to the weight of session-2 in the whole exam) and counted as the score of session-2. A similar procedure can also be applied when you fail to complete more than one session.

However, if YOU TAKE THE EXAM AND SUBMIT YOUR ANSWERS (i.e. all sessions are completed), then you are not eligible to take a make-up exam even if you had the aforementioned difficulties.

For example, say, the electricity went out during the exam and you logged in back when it came back, and you manage to complete your active session and the remainder of the exam with no problem at all. If you complete the exam by submitting your answers, then you are not eligible to take a make-up exam because you have officially submitted your exam.

How to apply for the makeup exam

There will be an announcement including the format of the makeup and the application procedures after the final exam.

Final remarks

Please do not fall into the mistake of comparing our online exam questions to our traditional in-person exam questions. Our online exams will necessarily be different from the traditional in-person exams. For this reason, please do not “memorize the past exam questions” but instead understand and learn the basics and fundamentals of the course material. The past exam questions can be used as a guide to study but not as a “dictionary to be memorized.

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