About quizzes

11 November 2020

Dear students,

We have completed the registration of each student to the Gradescope course according to his/her recitation group. Please keep in mind that you are registered to the system via your metu email address of the form e123456@metu.edu.tr. So, please use this type of email address of yours while signing in to your account, otherwise you may encounter some errors.
About quizzes:

  • This semester consists of 6 quizzes (each is out of 10). When calculating average quiz grade, the two lowest quiz grades of each student are automatically omitted, and hence the best four quiz grades of yours are taken into account while calculating your total quiz grade.
  • This policy provides each student with an opportunity of missing/failing any two of the quizzes without requiring any official/unofficial excuses, and hence there will be no make-up for any missed quizzes.
  • Questions in each quiz will consist of the topics from the week (at least one) before the actual quiz event occurs.
  • No late submissions will be accepted. Keep in mind that for each quiz, you will have around 15 minutes; 10 minutes for answering, and 5 minutes for submission. You will also be notified by your recitation instructor around 5 minutes before the quiz event starts (if any). That means you will have around 5 minutes to sign in to your Gradescope account and get ready for the exam. Therefore, it is your responsibility to organize your time in this around 20 minutes total duration, and all late submissions will be OMITTED (independent of your excuses).
  • Submissions via email will NOT be accepted. All submissions must be done by uploading the file to the Gradescope system.  All submissions via email will be OMITTED.
For any questions about quizzes, please contact tastuner@metu.edu.tr

MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

METU 2360119