New grading system for the quiz assignments

4 November 2020

In this semester, we will use a new grading system for the quiz assignments provided by the online platform: “Gradescope“.  Please see the following regulations and features:


  • An online course will be created and organized by MATH-119 Coordination,
  • Each student, who is officially registered in MATH-119 course, will receive an e-mail via Gradescope soon (on the current week).
  • Having received an e-mail about this online course, each student is asked for signing up (by using the student’s metu-mail). Keep in mind the registration to this application is free.
  • After the quizzes, grading will be done on-line via Gradescope, and each student will also be e-mailed by the platform, once the results are revealed.
  • One of the benefits of Gradescope is that you can view your uploaded quiz paper online together with the grading rubric, and the traditional paper-review periods are no longer necessary. If you want some of your questions to be regraded by simply clicking a button, you can send a “regrade request”. However, this does not mean that you should abuse the system by sending unnecessary regrade requests.
  • In a typical quiz, you will be asked to upload your written solutions to the system. It will be a timed assignment and will be carried out during one of your recitation hours.  Keep in mind that the quiz schedules for each session will be different and random.
  • On the week of Nov. 02-08,  a MOCK quiz assignment will be available in your Gradescope account for you to see the new exam environment. We strongly suggest you check the mock exam before the actual activity in order to avoid possible problems while interacting with the new system.
  • You can check the MOCK quiz any time you like in your Gradescope account (when available), but keep in mind the actual quiz assignment will be timed and held on one of your recitation hours.
  • Starting with the next week, (Nov. 09-15) the actual quiz assignments will begin.


MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

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