MT-1 results are revealed!!

15 April 2019

About the Paper-review period

Paper-review, in general, is an activity through which all students taking the exam have an opportunity to view and check their exam paper during a particular time period (which generally consists of a week) after the exam results are revealed.

Each student is supposed to read the instructions and the Paper-review policy before attending the paper-review session. Keep in mind that due to both the time restriction and the large number of students who wish to see their papers, paper-review activity is NOT designed or better suited for long discussions about the solution procedures, asking for your paper-review assistant to elaborate or solve each question case by case or arguing about grading scheme (which is applied to all exam papers and determined by a group of people for each question) in an unreasonable manner etc. while there are other students waiting for their turns. In short, try to use your time wisely and do not forget to check the answer key before attending to your session.

Exam Results:

In order o display your score and information related to paper-review period, please visit SIS119 

  • Average (over all grades): 30
  • Average (over all grades >10): 39

MATH 119 - Calculus with Analytic Geometry

METU 2360119